The half-day strategic conference included interactive Panel Discussions on Ukraine’s economic outlook, its evolving business environment, key investment opportunities, and the challenges that need to be overcome as the country emerges from the financial crisis.

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• Raise awareness of key economic issues affecting Ukraine during post-crisis period
• Summarize the role of the FEG and its partners in encouraging economic development in Ukraine
• Provide insight into current sector, regional and business opportunities in Ukraine
• Increase the flow of international investments into Ukraine
• Promote greater participation in dialogue between the United States and Ukraine

Key topics covered

• How bright is the outlook for Ukraine as it begins to come out of its economic and financial crisis, and ahead of key presidential elections in 2010?
• What measures need to be taken to improve the business environment and create incentives for international companies to invest?
• Where are the most promising regional investment opportunities?
• Which established industrial and service sectors offer the best returns in the short, medium and long term? What are the most promising new opportunities for investment?
• To what extent will Ukraine’s membership of the World Trade Organization, and the potential Free Trade Agreement with the EU, open up more sectors for investment?
• Taking all of these issues into account, what are the key challenges to be overcome for Ukraine to become a major destination for international investors?

Keynote speaker: 
William Taylor Former Ambassador, Ukraine

Honorable Speakers:
Chrystia Freeland, U.S. Managing Editor, Financial Times
Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada
Irina Akimova, MP, Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Committee of Economic Policy
Ralph Judah, Senior Partner, Monitor Group
Natalia Izosimova, Managing Director at The Foundation of Effective Governance

Amongst 130 attendees were U.S. and Ukrainian government officials and regulators, and senior representatives of multilateral institutions, Ukraine-based companies, multinationals, international banks, private equity firms and specialist funds, research groups, NGOs and media.