TriGlobal Strategic Ventures (“TGSV”) is an international business consulting company specializing in providing strategic advisory services to corporations and private clients in global markets. Our complete set of strategic management solutions enables our clients to identify opportunities and actions for strong and consistent growth. We offer a comprehensive set of management tools in the areas of strategic growth consulting, strategic relations, market research, and communications. We serve our global clients from headquarters in New York City and offices in Great Britain, Switzerland and Ukraine.


“TriGlobal Strategic Ventures” was founded in 2003 as a venture capital firm with a focus on investment projects in Eastern Europe. With those areas gradually transforming into emerging free market economies, there was a significant gap in cross-border exchange of ideas, technologies, and expertise between those regions and the West.

With a comprehensive network of global contacts extending to the highest levels of political, business, and philanthropic circles, Mr. Pruss, along with his partners Andrey Drobyshev and Leonid Kofman sought to develop TriGlobal Strategic Ventures into an international business consulting company that would assist Western clients in furthering their business interests in the emerging economies of the former Soviet Union.

Today, TGSV is the leading business consulting company providing strategic advice and connecting clients in the United States, Europe, Asia and Ukraine.


We approach every assignment with the goal to become an instrumental source of reliable expertise and a long-term partner to our clients. We provide global businesses with full support through all stages of a project – from identification of strategic objectives and development of the action plan to strategy implementation monitoring and analysis of the results. The combination of our global presence with a personalized approach enable us to address the most challenging projects by offering innovative solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the client.


Our diverse industry expertise, extensive local market knowledge, inherent understanding of regional mentalities and substantial partnership network across the USA, Europe and Asia, have contributed to our solid reputation as a reliable partner. Our team of highly experienced professionals has the foresight necessary to navigate through highly complex transactions and the fast-paced business environment to maximize the value of our clients’ businesses and help them successfully compete in the market.