TGSV offers the full spectrum of relations management solutions to global clients looking to promote strategic growth initiatives and enhance their corporate brand image in the United States, Europe, Asia, Russia and Ukraine. Our diverse experience, global presence and long-established relations in political, business, academic, and media circles, enable us to implement bespoke and effective programs across the following areas:

Strategic contacts development and networking

Alliances facilitate strategic growth and create new investment opportunities. TGSV has close relationships with potential long-term strategic partners and investors in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Our contacts extend to top level executives from major private and public financial institutions, the leading business and not-for-profit organizations, government officials and organizations, across diverse industries and market sectors.

Our specialist team identifies business development opportunities, as well as formulates and manages business contacts development programs. We introduce new contacts, further existing alliances, and counsel on internal and external implications associated with new opportunities.

Government relations and public affairs

Public policy counsel and advocacy

We understand the complex process of policymaking, how governmental entities operate, who decides and influences public policy development, and therefore how to effectively communicate clients’ legislative and regulatory concerns. Our long-established relations with key representatives at top governmental levels enable us to identify and access the appropriate groups and individuals to convey a client’s perspective on legislative or regulatory issues.

In order to win political support at the local, national and international levels, we employ a combination of strategies and techniques to reach key decision-makers, including image and strategic relations building, media outreach, event support, advocacy advertising, digital communications, and direct mail.

Image and relationship building

A successful communications campaign in legislative and regulatory arenas relies on direct access to political leaders and decision-makers. We further clients’ legislative and executive relations through networking and introductions to key figures in national and local governments. Also see Strategic contacts development & networking and Corporate brand management.

Corporate image management

  • Key messages development
  • Executive image and visibility
  • Corporate brand management
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Investor relations
  • Media relations
  • Crisis management

Key messages development

Key messages underpin any public relations campaign from a speaking engagement to a press release. We develop concise, consistent, and powerful key messages tailored to a client’s target audience, which ensure the desired information is effectively and systematically communicated throughout a public relations program.

Executive image and visibility

Positive executive image and high visibility are the key drivers of corporate reputation and stakeholders’ perceptions. We develop and manage personalized programs that encourage and facilitate a dialogue between corporate executives and target audiences about their aspirations and strategic vision. We position corporate, nonprofit and government executives as frequently quoted specialists and visionaries through industry visibility activities and target media.

Corporate brand management

A positive brand image builds goodwill and respect for a company or individual, enhancing its market potential and investment opportunities. Brand image is a set of perceptions about the client held by its stakeholders including employees, affiliates, government and media representatives, industry experts and the public. We identify key brand influencers and opinion leaders and develop a brand communications program that targets those groups through carefully selected media channels.

Event planning and management

We have extensive experience in planning and managing high profile events, from conferences, summits, and discussion panel events, to exclusive presentations and private gatherings. Skillfully planned and executed events can enhance corporate image, build company profile, shape stakeholders’ perceptions and even restore corporate reputation.

We attract sponsorships, develop public relations strategies, create key messages and media identity, organize media coverage, negotiate speaking engagements, coordinate vendors, hire first class catering and transportation companies, and design comprehensive schedules. Our personalized approach, careful planning, and attention to detail, ensure every event is a success.