Government Relations & Public Affairs

Public policy counsel and advocacy

We understand the complex process of policymaking, how governmental entities operate, who decides and influences public policy development, and therefore how to effectively communicate clients' legislative and regulatory concerns. Our long-established relations with key representatives at top governmental levels enable us to identify and access the appropriate groups and individuals to convey a client's perspective on legislative or regulatory issues.

In order to win political support at the local, national and international levels, we employ a combination of strategies and techniques to reach key decision-makers, including image and strategic relations building, media outreach, event support, advocacy advertising, digital communications, and direct mail.


Image and relationship building

A successful communications campaign in legislative and regulatory arenas relies on direct access to political leaders and decision-makers. We further clients' legislative and executive relations through networking and introductions to key figures in national and local governments. Also see Strategic contacts development & networking and Corporate brand management.