Coporate Image Management

Key messages development

Key messages underpin any public relations campaign from a speaking engagement to a press release. We develop concise, consistent, and powerful key messages tailored to a client's target audience, which ensure the desired information is effectively and systematically communicated throughout a public relations program.

Executive image and visibility

Positive executive image and high visibility are the key drivers of corporate reputation and stakeholders' perceptions. We develop and manage personalized programs that encourage and facilitate a dialogue between corporate executives and target audiences about their aspirations and strategic vision. We position corporate, nonprofit and government executives as frequently quoted specialists and visionaries through industry visibility activities and target media.

Corporate brand management

A positive brand image builds goodwill and respect for a company or individual, enhancing its market potential and investment opportunities. Brand image is a set of perceptions about the client held by its stakeholders including employees, affiliates, government and media representatives, industry experts and the public. We identify key brand influencers and opinion leaders and develop a brand communications program that targets those groups through carefully selected media channels.